Frequently asked questions

No. We're a pay-on-catch service, meaning there are no upfront fees to backorder a domain name. We do, however, limit the number of domains you can backorder at one time.
Yes. We will never share your email address. We use Stripe for payments, so we do not store your credit card information - it actually never even touches our servers.
Currently, you have no limits, so you can order as many domains as you like.
If your domain name does not become available on the day we expect it to, we will continue to poll the domain name at regular intervals.
Domain names are caught using the TAG WIZEDROP.
All domain names are caught using our details. This is primarily for speed to ensure our system is not delayed by looking up your registration information during a catch. It is also for our security to ensure we receive payment for our service.
The first Registrant transfer from our details is free of charge. If we have already processed a Registrant transfer, then changing these details again incurs an additional fee.
The WHOIS will only update once you have submitted your TAG change request. If you have submitted Registrant and TAG details, but have not paid for the catch, the Registrant transfer will not take place until payment is received.
Once a domain is caught, we'll email you requesting payment and to confirm Registrant details and TAG. Once these have been received, TAG changes are processed within 15 minutes. Everything is fully automated. Be sure you advise the receiving TAG your domain is on its way (usually via a transfer in). If a TAG change does not occur within 15 minutes, then the receiving TAG will need to accept our request to transfer your domain. If this is the case, we'll have emailed you to advise.
All caught domain names must be paid for within 3 calendar days. ny unpaid domain names outside of this timeframe will be subject to our payment terms and conditions, specifically the Withdrawal section.
No. If we successfully catch a domain name on your behalf, we'll ask for our advertised fee. Once payment has been received, we will transfer the domain name with your chosen Registrant details to the TAG of your choice.
No, our company doesn't pay VAT. When you make a purchase, an invoice is generated which clearly shows the full price without VAT.
Our drop lists contain every important .uk domain name. We monitor every single registered .uk domain name and we select only the top domains for your rebranding.
No and never! Your card information is securely submitted directly to our payment provider. We don't even see it!
No, we don't think it would be fair, so we have a company rule that no employees can bid in any of the auctions.
No, you do not need to pay registration fees on top of the WizeDrop fee - it is included
Yes, you can pay your invoices with Bank Wire also.
The person who placed the first backorder on the domain is the first high bidder and will get the domain if no one else bids.
Bids cannot be canceled. We take the integrity of domain name auctions seriously. Before you bid, make sure you do your research. Each bid submitted is considered a binding contract.
If somebody bids on the last 5 minutes of an auction, it will be extended with 5 minutes. The maximum extended time will be untill 22:30.